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Poker is a game of luck –  is this what you think? So, let me tell you very clearly!  Although luck is a significant factor in winning poker games online, this is not everything that poker takes. It requires exceptional knowledge and profound skills to play poker online.

This game comprises a large number of betting, making it necessary for players to use their learning and skills. One can’t rely on fortune only as this game majorly depends on how exceptional gaming skills one possesses.

If you are planning to play poker for the first time, it is a must for you to learn the right poker rules.  No matter which poker game type you choose, the same poker rules apply to all.

Basic Knowledge About Poker Cards

Poker is a game type that can be played online or offline as per choice. It is played using a deck of 52 cards. Now you must be wondering what is the meaning of a deck of 52 cards? This deck of 52 cards consisted of 4 suits of 13 cards named Spades, Hearts Clubs, and Diamonds. The 13 cards further consist of the same rankings placed in an order(high to low) starting from Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9…. Up to 2.  In some situations, Ace can rank low as well, but it is rare. No matter what suit you have, all are considered equals. Winning this game demands the best poker hand that makes when a player holds five best hand rankings cards.

We will know about hand rankings in detail in our next blog. Although the best poker hand decides the winner, in some games, the wild card decides the winner. In most of the games, the joker is used as a wild card, while in another case, the game decides the wild card.

We have taken basic ideas about poker cards followed by hand rankings and poker hands. Now, how do we actually play this game? It is understood now, poker is a betting game, and every player should learn how to bet properly while playing poker games online.

How Does a Player Actually Do Betting?

Poker is basically a kind of gambling game that depends on fortune, sharp skills, and strategies. In most games, to decide pot size, all the players give their contribution. This process is known as Ante. However, other games like Hold’em can not have “Ante”, and they use blinds to come up with starting pot size.

To come at the dealing card, the game demands contribution from all the players. This makes players start betting in every round.

How Do You Win In Poker?

The player who has the best poker hand becomes the winner of the game. Best poker hand forms when a player holds the five best ranking poker cards. In every betting round, the player can choose any of the following actions:

  • Check –  Check refers to the action where players choose not to bet in the existing round, and the choice to act passes to the next player. If all the players reject betting, then the round is taken as complete.
  • Bet –  Player chooses to bet some amount if no other player bets in the existing round.
  • Call – After a player bet, the next player may choose to call to remain in the game.
  • Fold – Players who choose to fold completely discard the existing hand and do not contribute anything to the current pot. He does not need to bet but can not win the game.
  • Raise –  Players may choose to raise the amount bet by other players in the existing round. The purpose of raising is to make a bet higher. The remaining player needs to raise the bet to win the game.


Apart from these actions, bluffing is an important element that enables a player to show their weaker hand strong to the opponent. This makes the opponent fold his card even if he has stronger poker than you. The major poker hand may pass the flop round, and the best hand becomes weak till it reaches the river round. Most players bluff randomly to deceive their opponent and win the game even with a weaker hand.

To bluff in the right way, it is necessary to know the correct position.  You have to consider some factors to finalize whether bluffing is a good idea or not in a particular situation: Who is your rival, your rapport in the game, betting hand performance in previous games, which position you are holding, how much favorable poker hand is, and bet size.


If more than a single player left in the game, then the dealer declares Showdown. In this, Players show their secret poker cards from past games and evaluate the strength of their poker hands.

As per different factors of online poker games, the player who holds the best five hand rankings cards gets the pot. The best poker hand always consists of five cards. Even if the player holds more than five cards, the best five will be considered.

Playing poker games online requires knowledge of its various elements like poker rules, hand rankings, starting hand, strategies, and many others. Rules remain the same for most of the poker games.  It is possible that players need to make changes in strategies when poker game demands. Application of the right strategy, rules, and another important factor of poker decides the real champion of the game. If you are passionate about poker games online, then no one can stop you from making a good career in it.


Winning a poker game online takes a perfect combination of good fortune and gaming skills(Strategies). If you are a newbie and planning to win this game, then learn poker rules first. It will be like daydreaming if you want to win this game by playing randomly. Usually, beginners play poker for free and do not take the rules seriously. This makes them lose the opportunity to learn poker rules. So, stop losing opportunities and start earning! Poker has much more to offer you.

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