Playing Poker In Position- Know its Importance

Do you know everything about poker? Maybe you are! But do you know what is positioning in poker games? How does it influence a poker game?  If your answer is no. Here we will discuss everything about what positioning actually means and how it is important for playing poker online?

Playing an important part in crafting a poker-playing strategy, Poker positioning gets more attention from the player. Right positioning on the poker table can give you the utmost benefit even if you are holding a weak hand. Let us understand this term in more detail.

What Does Position Means In Poker?

By saying position in poker, there are two meanings.

Order Of Betting – The first meaning of positioning in poker games is the order of betting. Once you get hold over poker positioning, it helps you in learning the strong and weak hands of rivals.

Act In Last – In Texas Hold’em poker, Positioning means you are last to bet in the Flop, Turn, and River round. The player who sits first on the right of the dealer button gets a chance to act after every player in all the rounds.

So, the important topic in poker games is which player will get the position.

How to decide the player position?

Till now, we have understood the meaning of the position. So, it’s time to decide which player is in position? Here are the various types of positions.

In Position – the player who gets a chance to play at last in all betting rounds is said to be In Position.

Out Of Position – Player who bet at first place in Flop, Turn, and River is said to be Out Of Position.

How Position of Players Determined On The Poker Table?

Dealer button(from where the game begins determines your position as favorable and unfavorable on the poker table. It is explained as


This position falls on the left of the dealer button. Players in this position play small and big blinds and act first in all the betting rounds.

Middle Position

Players that get succeeding two or three seats leaving the last two or three seats said to have a middle position. A game can include a maximum of nine players on the poker table.

Late Position

The last seats fall on the right side of the dealer button is known as Late Positions. This is considered one of the favorable positions in Poker games.

Why Playing In Position Is So Important In Poker Games?

Playing poker in a position gives you many advantages. If you get a late position, then you are a lucky player. This is because you will act at last and till then you will have enough knowledge about your rivals. You can make a powerful strategy to win the game.

You get complete command over the game till it’s your turn to act.

If you hold a strong hand, the position does not matter a lot as you can act easily in any position. On the other hand, when you have a weak hand, then playing in a position only can save your game. Apart from this, Bluff also acts exceptionally in position.

Here are some special reasons that make positioning highly important for online poker games.

Opportunity To Get Additional Cards

Being a player in position, You get a plus point to predict your opponent’s action in advance. In every round, you play after your opponent. This will give you an idea to analyze if your opponent will bet or check.

Also, when you play in position, it offers you a chance to get an additional card. Suppose you are playing out of position. In that case, you have to check first, and if your rival does not bet, then it can put you in trouble.

Command Over Pot

This is another advantage for players to act last in every round and adjust pot size(big or small).

Suppose you choose to play with a small pot size your rival may decide to check. If you check again, your opponent can decide to bet, and then you can choose to call and finish the round.

In other situations, if you choose to play for big pot size, you get two best choices i.e. Bet or raise.

When you play out of position, you will not be able to check and completely depend on that rival to give you a chance to check his card for no cost. But it is not possible that the opponent will offer you this chance. Also, you can not be sure that you can bet or not, and your rival will Fold the cards or choose to Call.

Chance To Use More Bluffing

Being a poker player, if you are lucky enough to get a late position, then you can turn the game even if you hold a weak poker hand. It means when you are last to act, you get a chance to know every strategy of your rival and display your weaker hand as stronger. Getting distracted through this, your opponent will choose to check, and you get the option to raise or bet. You can raise and call big blind here before Flop starts. So, which suit and hand ranking you have does not affect your game a lot. If you are playing in position, it will offer you the right poker hand, which is significant and not the card.

Support in Measuring Pot Odds

It significantly helps in measuring pot odds. Playing poker in position offers everything to make you win the game or turn it in your favor. When you are last to act in the round, you already know how much you need to call to get up to favorable pot odds.

But this is not possible when you play out of position. This is because when there are players to act after you, you can not measure the pot odds.

It will be hard to predict whether the remaining player will call or raise the amount and put you in trouble. So, playing in a position can make you measure all the pot odds and support you to play confidently.

Predict In Advance What Opponent Will Choose

This is one of the most important benefits of playing poker in a position. Through this, you can easily analyze how your rival is going to act in Post Flop and let you choose a wise strategy. You can successfully get the knowledge of your opponent before he tries to distract you. If your opponent chooses to check, it displays he is not passionate enough, whereas if he chooses to bet, then it displays he is extremely interested. Most of the players who play in position form their strategy by predicting opponent prediction.


Poker is a game that challenges your mind and analytical abilities. It is important to learn about different poker playing positions and determine why the late position is best. Poker strongly depends on predicting the next move of the opponent. Playing poker in position solves this issue for a poker player. Apart from this learning about playing in a position, you will learn how playing out of position can adversely affect your game. So, take complete knowledge of poker in position and start playing confidently.