Top 10 Winning Starting Hands – Texas Holdem Poker

Do you want to become a winner in Texas Hold’em poker? But do you know how you can make it possible? If the answer is no. Here is the complete detail that will guide you to achieve your goal of online poker games champion. We all understand that when your starting is right,  no one can stop you from winning. This statement applies to poker games as well. If you start the game by using the right poker hand, it increases your chance to win. So, here are  some best starting hands that expert suggests for winning the game.

Best Winning Starting Hands That Experts Recommend


One of the popular starting hands, Ace-Ace, is the best hand to initiate a poker game. It comes in poker classic. Most of the players who play poker prefer Bullets for Pre-flop over any other two-cards. Poker professionals choose these cards four times higher than any other hand. A player can select bullets only once in Two hundred twenty-one hands. This makes the game more interesting right from the beginning.  Also, remember that Ace-Ace offers good results only when you have fewer opponents in the game.


This is the second-best hand in poker, which is also known as Cowboys. This is the most preferred poker hand after aces. This hand can make you grab a bigger pot size. The share of Aces is around seventy percent in Texas Hold’em Poker, and you will feel the joy of receiving your money back through Cowboys.


One of the renowned hands, Ladies, comes in the third place when it comes to winning the poker game. Playing Texas Hold’em and using Pocket queens gives you security as just eight hands remain in the deck. Also, the security increases when you get success in winning against Aces and Kings. It is seen as the best hand in poker games online against rankings from Jack to 1.  Till pre-flop, this is a great poker hand, but after Flop, it will be difficult to stand against high cards.

4.Ace-King (Big-Slick)

One of the attractive looking hands, Ace-King is also known as Big-Slick. It seems good to most of the players, but it is not as good to win a poker game. Players normally think that the Ace-King combination is the best choice in the starting. It is best when you are betting against the below cards and not against Bullets, Cowboys, and ladies. Beginners should remember that if he fails in a flop, then he will leave with ace-high only. Its share in Texas Hold’em is thirty-four percent only. Chances of winning using this hand are fifty percent.


It belongs to the classic poker hand in Texas Hold’em as you can use it in three different ways, and all of them could not be right. This is considered a powerful hand against the lower hand and fifty percent win against unmatched hands in Pre-flop. So, you can win through this hand if you are betting against a down card. In another situation, the chances of winning fall to twenty percent.


Ten-Ten is also known as Dimes and comes in the classic category of poker cards. This pair does require a ten anymore in the Flop round to remain in the game. There is a strong possibility that these starting hands can defeat over cards. Apart from this, it is quite simple to Fold tens of cards.


This hand is also known as Big Chick or Little Chick and is an excellent starting hand in online poker games. Most of the players see it as a better option than Jack-Jack in the list of best-starting hands. While others consider Ace-queen, the second exceptional poker hand, and the possibility of winning is around 20 percent. No doubt it is a good starting hand in Texas Hold’em, but when you play against a pair in the Flop round, it sometimes asks for Fold. If you successfully miss the Flop, it is better to stay away from this hand.

8. Ace-Jack

Similar to Big slick and Big chick, if Ace-jack is in the suited form, then it can help you to get Royal Flush. This game deserves your time. More particularly when your rival already bet thrice from the same position. It is not a good hand against Big slick and big chick, and the chances that you will win using Ace-jack is quite low. In all the rounds, there are only eighteen percent chances that this combination will win.


Ace-ten is a great combination since you gain a  high card known as Ace. Suppose if you get Jack, queen, and king on the table then, think you are lucky because you will come up with Straight hand rankings in Texas Hold’em. On the other hand, if you are not fortunate enough, then it is not a good idea to use this hand. Chances that this combination wins is around seventeen percent only.

10.King-Jack or Queen-Jack

Placed at the last number in the top 10 list of starting hands, King-jack is a great hand, but it is not as powerful against any overcards. It will be good to fold your cards if the opponent bet with overcards. If it is used in the suited form, then the chance to win is nineteen percent and fifteen percent in unsuited form. On the other hand, the chance to win in the case of  Queen is around seventeen percent if used with other cards on the table. Although these cards are fruitful, players need to be careful against the bigger bet.

Apart from the above hands, Ace-10, Nine-nine, and King-queen in suited form work well in the Flop round. These cards can create a huge number of Straight and Flush combinations. There are chances when you get your winning hand in the first round. So, in this case, if you notice that more players are joining the game, then it is better to fold your cards.

Special Suits In Poker

A deck of 52 cards comprises four suits( Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds, and Spades. All the suites consist of the same rankings card, and the rules for all the cards are the same. For example, In online poker games, if you get a Straight Flush with Diamonds it has the same meaning as getting a Straight Flush with Clubs.

Clubs: This is a flower-like symbol colored in black

Diamonds: This symbol seems like a corner of a diamond colored in black.

Hearts: This is a heart symbol colored in red.

Spades: The spade resembles a leaf of a cosmic tree colored in black.

These are four important elements in poker games. To join a poker game online, it is necessary to understand the right use of these suits.


Learn about all the suits of a deck of 52 cards. The journey to win a poker game starts from the use of right starting hands. So, it is better to learn about all the best starting hands and excel in playing poker online. The above guide will help you to learn them in a better way and become a pro in poker games.

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