How to Play Poker

How Playing Poker Is The Best Living Option - Beginners Guide

Poker is an interesting game that makes you feel extreme joy. This is a fact that most people already know. But Do you know poker is a good living option too? Yes, you heard it right!

You must be thinking about how playing poker can be a great living option for you? What are the merits and drawbacks of the same? At Poker Tempo, We answer all your questions. Our complete beginner guide will help you to make a career in online poker games. Right from how to play poker, health benefits, disadvantages to right decision making, we offer guidance that perfectly matches your needs.

The only aim behind this detailed guide is to offer the right information to our players that further helps in the right decision making. So, let us understand how to play poker for a good living?

Playing Poker For Earning - Must See Guide

A misconception about poker that it is a complete waste of time and money taking over the internet! People don’t know that this is a game of skills. If you do not possess the required skills, then the above statement can be true for them. Playing poker without the right sort of information and skills is a waste of time and money. Most people think that poker only takes and does not give anything. But this is not true! Few people know that poker also offers a great career if they have the right skills.

The key element you need for playing poker is patience. You will become a horse of a long race in poker if you have patience. Sitting in front of a computer for a long time can make you extremely impatient and tired. In that situation, only your patience will help you to make the right decision and make the required balance.


Apart from this, you may encounter bad beats much time that can challenge your emotional intelligence. So, preparing your mind to take bad beats positively will help you to stay in the game for more time. This will ultimately make you win a larger living from poker games.


Playing poker real money games for livelihood demands a determined mind and needs to play slowly. To make this happen, it is important to maintain a record of hours for which you are playing the game everyday. Along with this, check how much earning you are making each day.  Make this a routine for some time before you start playing this game full time. This further helps you to assess your scope in poker. Maintain playing hours as per your strength and the living amount you want from poker.

Let us put more light on the merits and demerits of playing poker for a living.


Advantages To Play Poker For Living

People have diverse opinions about poker games online.  Some see it as a great option to make a career, while others consider it a waste of time and money. If you browse the internet, these opinions may confuse you. At Poker Tempo, We make you understand how to get benefited by playing poker online. There are many benefits of poker games that help you in making a nice earning.


One of the best advantages that poker offers is flexibility in playing hours. You can play it at any time as per your convenience. This benefit you do not get in your 9 to 5 jobs. It completely ends the necessity of waking up early and getting ready for work. Also, it comes in one of the delightful and stimulating games across the world that you can play for a living.

What could be better than this if you get everything by playing games online? Poker offers an excellent opportunity for a conquering player. Most important of all, most of the players fail to manage the challenges of a full-day gaming experience. We know that a poker player needs to make necessary changes in his strategy as and when the game demands. This may test your mental balance to a great extent.


It is common for poker players to get a bad beat. If you won’t be able to cope with the situation, it may influence your entire game.

While playing poker, you have to face challenges daily. You can deal with these challenges through a determined mind only. You should understand that winning and lose, are parts of the game. So, accept your mistakes when you lose in-game and turn your mistakes into winning strategies for further games. So, keep practicing patience to get the best living from poker.


Drawbacks Of Playing Poker For Living

It Does Not Offer Fixed Income

How much a player will earn through online poker games is completely uncertain. There are days when a player wins a lot, while on some days, he may lose or earn less.  So, what will another day bring that remains unpredictable in online poker games?

So, never end your hopes or get disappointed if you want to do something big in poker. Be prepared for winning and losing while playing poker games online.


It May Take All Your Energy

It is well known that poker is a game that excites you to the next level.  Playing this game for long hours can completely exhaust you. When you start earning, it becomes an addiction for you, and playing it daily can make you low on energy. If you play games of a large amount, then hours could be less for you, but for beginners, it may not be suitable to play a larger amount of games.


So you need to determine your strength and take proper care of your health to win in poker.


The above aspects of poker can help you in making poker a living option. Apart from offering a living, playing poker has lots of health benefits too. Only a few people know them. At Poker Tempo, we will let you know how online poker games have surprising benefits for your health. Must go through the benefits mentioned below.

Playing Poker Health Benefits That May Surprise You

Everyone may have their own reason to play poker online.  Some consider it a way to embrace their skills and become pro, while others play it to win the pot and earn real money online. Some people see it as a good option to develop a strong bond with their loved ones. Sitting around the table with your favorite persons with a cup of tea and a bowl of snacks double up the delight.

Apart from this, We mostly don’t understand that playing poker has some great health benefits. Right from enhancing your gaming skills to offering you a satisfying sleep, Poker offers you everything.


Let us know these health benefits in detail!


Poker Brings A Healthy Mind

We are not unknown to the fact that poker is a game that enhances your skills and mental abilities to win. To complete this aim, players should start playing poker daily. This game demands full concentration and determination that force your abilities to catch a new height. You might have heard, “Practice makes a man perfect”; This statement completely applies to online poker games as well. Apart from gaming skills, it improves your arithmetic analysis abilities.


Along with improving mental abilities, it helps you to be a focused and patient player. Further, it supports players in the right decision making and long term goal setting.


Gift You Enhanced Focus For Better Performance

Instant chips flipping by players may hide different reasons behind him. Some players do it to improve focus while others get addicted to it. Using chips keeps your brain active throughout the game. This game does not test your physical strength like other games. But, it helps in burning calories.

From the outside, it looks interesting and easy, but this is not the case when you play it in reality. This will help you to lose all unwanted calories, which is really a good thing for your health.


Playing Poker Makes You More Social

No matter whether you play poker by visiting a Casino or online, It strengthens your social life. Apart from enhancing the communication skills of players, Poker offers a platform to connect with people of the same interest.

Some people think that playing poker online does not give us room to socialize and find better connections. At Poker Tempo, We offer you a space to join a community of professional players, interact with them, and learn new skills to play poker online.


Poker Offers You A Comfortable Sleep

As poker is a game of impeccable mental abilities, it makes you completely tired till you reach the final round of the game.  We all know that after doing lots of work, whether through the mind or physically, we need a satisfying sleep. After playing poker for hours, you will get a nice and comfortable sleep. This prepares you for the next interesting game. Only proper rest makes your brain function properly.

All these health benefits and a prosperous living can be yours if you have the right decision-making ability. Do you know how you can improve your decision-making abilities? If no, All your questions will be answered here.

Best Tips For Right Decision Making

Whether You will win or lose it majorly depends on your decision that you make while playing poker. Here we have come up with some useful tips that help you in the right decision making.


Play Your Own Game and Do not Copy Professionals

Poker is in trend these days, which is making it attract more players throughout the world. Most people get acquainted with TV Shows and get inspired by the professional poker player. What you see from outside may not be a complete reality. Newbies who get attracted by the popularity of players join the game and try to copy their strategies. Doing so, most of the time, lands them in trouble.

It is not as easy as it seems in Poker shows. They may show the audience planned material. Also, the strategies that professionals use highly depend on a particular situation. So, Take decisions according to the situation and always remember what works for a player may not work for others.


Take Decision According To The Need Of Environment

Poker is a game that tests your strategic skills. The use of a similar hand against more than one opponent may not give the same result. In other words, the Environment in which you are playing with one player may be different from that when you are playing with another. When you start playing poker, You will notice that even a similar table can differ with rounds.

Across the game player, one player is replaced by others. In that situation, you have to reconsider your current strategy. If you do not make any changes in strategy, then continuing the game may end up losing a big amount.


Play Poker For Fun And Not For Money

We understand that the ultimate aim of playing poker is to earn rewards and interesting prizes. But do you know playing online poker games for money can have an adverse influence on your game? You can not give your complete focus to the game if you focus on earning. As we know that poker is full of ups and downs, so it requires you to maintain your mental and emotional balance.

Playing poker for fun will make your game extremely delightful, and it will not affect you whether you lose or win. Always remember that only a calm mind can make the right decision. Earn money through poker but, at the same time, be rational while making decisions.


Stop Committing Avoidable Mistakes

Most of the time, in poker, it is seen that the player uses wrong starting hands. Beginners are more prone to make these mistakes. Most of the time, they commit mistakes that can be avoided. As we know that choosing the right starting hand can be everything that makes you win poker. So, Learn about the best poker starting hands and


Do not Concentrate On Short Term Goals

Last but not least, focusing on long-term goals will help you in the right decision-making throughout the game. If you make the right decision at once and win any round, do not get excited and focus on the game till the last round. You may lose the entire game even by winning any round if you do not focus on the game on a long term basis.

With the right decision making every time, you can turn the game in your favor and become a champion.



Poker is a game full of challenges, skill testing, and above all, it brings a lot of thrill for you. What could be better than this if a game is making a living for you, ensuring your good health, and helps you improve decision making. At Poker Tempo, we offer the best platform for playing poker and always bring out a winner hidden inside you.

So, Enjoy a delightful journey with us!