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Lets play free poker games online!

Being a thrilling game, Poker is taking first place in the list of youth. Every person who loves gaming wants to play poker online free games. It offers them a free experience, which is making it far more attractive for players. At Poker Tempo, we offer a rejuvenating free gaming experience to our players, and most favorite of all is Texas Hold’em poker game.

A major population who plays poker wants to earn interesting rewards and prizes from it, but they do not possess money in poker games.

Poker online free games provide all the players an excellent chance to improve skills, learn new things, rules, and become a winner in Texas Hold’em. This does not require even a single penny from their bank account.

What would be better than this if you are getting free Texas Hold’em poker games without losing your savings?  So, Do not lose this excellent opportunity and get enrolled to play money games at Poker Tempo.  Once you enroll on our website, you will get access to the online free poker games. The thrill begins right on getting access to these games.


We, at Poker Tempo, are obliged to offer players an exceptional poker online free games platform where they can complete their dream to become a poker champion. Apart from this, beginners consider Poker Tempo a great gaming interface to enhance their knowledge about simple to advanced poker strategies. Expert guide on how to play poker for free, best hand rankings, right starting hands, and how to stand out in Texas Hold’em poker games.


Take a Glance At Poker Online Free Games

Investment – This is what makes poker games special for players. Poker online free games take no money out of your pocket.  So, zero investment is required.

Need for Registration: – It is not mandatory to complete registration before playing poker at Poker Tempo.  But if you get registered, then you get instant play money.

Need To Download Application – No, you do not need to download an application. But if you download it, it will ensure convenience to you.

What Game Can You Play? – Players can enroll for Texas Hold’em poker online games.

Play money you get – That is a surprise for you!

What will be the betting limit? – The betting limit is not fixed, so it is totally upon you how much you want to bet.

How to win? – you will be a winner if no player left with money on the table except you.

What will you get as a winner? – You will get interesting rewards, confidence, and the opportunity to win more. Apart from this, free poker games offer you an asset to get acquainted with important rules of poker and mistakes that everyone should avoid.

Factors Of Poker Online Free Games That You Should Know

Poker Game Important Facts

On playing a poker game, a report is generated on the important factors of the running game or the previous game played. These reports help in focusing on significant areas of poker online free games. Further, it serves as a tool to improve in games that are to be played in the future.

Number Of Blinds

The blind refers to the compelled bets made by the players on the left of the dealer button. These are normally used in Flop-based poker free games. In normal situations, two blinds are allowed in any game, but this can extend up to 3. Blind is divided into small blind and big blind. Small blind are bet by the player on the extreme left of the dealer button, whereas big blind is bet by the second last player sitting left of the dealer button. At some point, it became similar to No-Limit Texas Hold’em games. The increase in the number of blinds depends on the remaining players, and poker hands need to play yet.


Computerized Player

The poker online free games are normally seen as an asset to offer players an opportunity to get advanced in the game. The computerized player who plays against you chooses strategies depending on the strength and weakness of starting hands, starting hand strength, position on the table size, pot size, and odds to win the pot.

After this arithmetic analysis, the computerized player gives you an experience like you are playing against a real player. This gives you a basic idea of poker game rules.

Why Should You Enroll For Poker Online Free Games?

Every poker player is different and has a unique motive to play this game.  Most of the players start this game for fun, while others get enrolled to earn some living out of it. When you are new to this game, not having money is a common problem. Maybe most of you think to play poker online free games and not want to put your money in the game.

Here a question comes to mind! Is it ok to play poker for free on any random website? Will it give us the same experience and learning?


Straight No, is the answer. Only a trustable website can offer you the right guidance, even in poker online free games. Playing poker games for free or with registration money lets players know how to play poker online, how to form the right strategy, and when to use them.

At Poker Tempo, we have designed our Texas Holdem free poker games in such a way that it helps in developing and improving skills. Our free application is developed to support players in playing Texas Holdem without losing a single rupee from their savings.


It is the best option not only for beginners but for professionals as well. By playing poker online free games, professionals polish their skills to play Texas Hold’em and learn about important strategies. Most of the new players and players who get recognition in this game start from free poker games. The reason is free games form the base of your future paid games. The lesson, rules, and strategies you learn from this game help you in making profound decisions in every game.

Above all, if we consider poker in the separate limelight, it is a game that doubles your delight at every point. It gives you a continuous adrenaline rush and prepares you for further poker games.

At Poker Tempo, We believe that to offer a never-ending delight to our players. We made this process less hectic as it does not require mandatory application download and registration on our website. Also, we are putting continuous effort to maintain this element in the future as well.

Get More Knowledge On How To Play Poker For Free?

We understand that this is not enough to get started playing poker online. You need detailed lessons for exact knowledge on how to play poker online free games and Texas Holdem poker. At Poker Tempo, we provide our players all the guidance right from basic to advance level.

As you play it online at the comfort of your home, it is common to make mistakes. We always ensure an endless delight for newbies and professionals both. On our smartly designed website, players get exact ideas about hand rankings, best starting poker hands, and unbeatable strategies to remain ahead in the game.

Hand rankings play an important role in winning a game. The use of right-hand rankings can unbelievably move the game at your side.

Poker Online Free Games Hand Rankings

No matter whether you are playing a game for free at room based Casinos or online, it is only your hand rankings that make you a winner. Especially for beginners who do not know hand rankings should consider it in the first place. For more detail about hand rankings, you can browse our website. For brief knowledge, here are the 10 hand rankings in sequence highest to lowest.  While playing poker online free games, keep these hand rankings in your mind.

  • Royal flush – Highest of all, this hand ranking forms when a player has A, K, Q, J, 10, from the same suit.
  • Four of a kind – It forms when players possess four same ranking cards and one different.
  • Full house – It is formed when a player finally has three cards of the same ranking and two similar rankings.
  • Flush – it forms when a player has all the cards from the same suit. It does not matter what their ranking is?
  • Straight – It forms when a player gets all cards in a sequential ranking irrespective of their suit.
  • Three of a kind – this combination takes three same ranking cards and two cards of different rankings.
  • Two pairs – This is a unique combination when a player gets two cards of the same ranking, the other two cards of the same ranking but different from the first two and last card of different rank.
  • Pair- this is a combination that forms when a player has only two cards of the same ranking.
  • No pair – When cards that a player possess does not fall in any of the above categories, it is called no pair.


Above all, to play poker online free games, every player needs a reliable website. Now the question arises on how to select a reliable website to play poker online for free? Here are some useful factors that you should check before finalizing a website to play poker.

Features Of A Reliable Website

These are the elements that are a must to ensure before getting enrolled for the game.


It Offers Security And Reliability

Poker is one of the popular games across the world. This is a big reason that most people are attracting to this game. Some see it as a game to earn money, some play it for joy, and others play it to become a champion celebrity. People see it as a good career. No doubt, poker is an exciting game, but it is also true that only a trustable website gives you the right experience to play poker online free games. 

A trustworthy website always offers security and reliability to players. To check whether your money is secure or not, notice that the website is SSL certified. This certificate ensures that your confidential information is in safe hands or not. Also, secured websites always use advance and secure payment mode.


Right Game Experience

Every player looks for a good poker online free games experience as investing time on any random website is a risky idea. To ensure good gameplay, the poker website uses Random Number Generation certified software. This software helps in maintaining the credibility of the game. The best poker websites always show their RNG certificate on the main page and win the confidence of players.


Legitimate and  Authenticated

In-country like India, poker has not got as much recognition as in other countries. The important reason behind this is legality. Most people believe that poker is illegal in India, and it is not safe to invest money in it.

But, looking at its popularity and stability, Supreme Court India passed a law considering that poker is a game of skills and that challenges the player’s brain, and it is completely legal. No matter whether you play poker online free games or using real money, it is an authentic game.

However, some states in India have restricted poker money games. So, if you do not come into these states like Gujarat, Orissa, Assam, and Telangana, playing poker is completely legal for you.


Highly Advanced Software

A smooth gaming experience is all a smart player looks for on a website. This is not possible without advanced software. A reliable poker website ensures smooth poker online free games experience by using highly advanced and secure software.

Like At Poker Tempo, we developed a user-friendly interface that ensures step by step guidance for our players. We think this is the first element that a player looks for in a reliable gaming website. Along with our advanced software, our interesting add ons make this experience more delightful.


Interesting Rewards and Promotions

On reaching a point, poker online free games lose its delight. But, A successful poker website keeps its players delightful always. They achieve it by offering the best rewards and opportunities to earn promotions to the players. You may get these rewards on your sign up by name welcome bonus, or you may get it as a result of winning a poker game.



Poker makes your life delightful, interesting, and full of thrill, but this is possible only through a trustworthy website. It is recommended, if you are a beginner, play poker online free games before moving to play games on a wide level. At poker Tempo, We always help our players to improve their skills, and to ensure the right poker way for them, Our team offers timely guidance as well. So, At Poker Tempo, we highly appreciate your time, and your feedback is useful for us!  Keep enjoying Poker online free games.