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Want to become a champion in playing poker online? Poker Tempo, A pioneering poker platform provider, guides you to play poker online in the best way. Landing on an advanced game straight away may not be a good idea for a beginner, So our guide will help you on how to start playing poker in the right way. No-Limit Texas Hold’em is one of the simplest games that should be the first choice of every beginner. Apart from offering fun, it tests their skills and gives an interesting return.

Every game requires you to learn basic skills. Poker games also demand the same. It is significant to learn all the rules to play poker online and get used to all the poker hand rankings. Most of the newbies commit mistakes when they don’t know the best poker hands.


Poker hands that are a must to learn are explained below.


Royal Flush: When a player gets all the cards from the same suit in sequential rankings with Ace High, it is called Royal Flush.For example. Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10.

Straight Flush:  When a player gets all the cards in the sequential rankings from the same suit, it is called Straight Flush. For example, 8,7,6,5,4 of spades or Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 of Hearts, etc.

Four of a Kind:  In a race of play poker online, When a player gets Four cards of the same rankings from different suits and one card of different rankings, it is called Four of a kind. For example, King, King, King, King of a different suit, and 5 Of clubs.

Full House: When a player gets three cards of the same rankings from a different suit and two cards of the same rankings from a different suit, then it is called Full House. For example. A, A, A(Heart, Spade,, and Clubs) and King, King(Diamond, Heart).

Flush: If a player gets all the cards from the same suit irrespective of their rankings, then it is called Flush.

Straight: when a player gets cards in sequential rankings that may belong to a different suit, then it is called Straight. For example, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 from different suits.

Three of a kind: When a player gets three cards of the same rankings from a different suit and 2 cards of different rankings from a different suit, then it is called Straight.

Two-pair: when a player gets two same ranking cards in pairs and one card in different rankings, then it is called Two-pair. For example Ace(Heart), Ace(Diamond), King( Club), King(Spade), and 9(Club).

Pair: When a player gets two cards of the same rankings from a different suit and three cards of different rankings from a different suit, then it is called Pair.

High Card: This is one of the lowest winning hands, and it is a combination that does not fall in any of the above categories.


These hand rankings are a game-changer to play poker online. As much as you practice these hand rankings, you become an expert in playing poker. Choose the best website that offers play money to play poker online and challenge your skills.

How To Play Poker Online? - Beginners Guide


No-Limit Texas Hold’em takes a deck of 52 cards in an online system. One can play poker online with a minimum of two to ten players on an individual table. The numbers of players can extend if you have more space on the table.


What Is The Basic Format To Play Poker Online?


There are two main participants in the game. One is a dealer, and the other is a poker player. The dealer uses two cards to deal with left side players. Left side players get the opportunity to act first. So let’s understand the betting limit first.


In this betting limit, a player gets the choice to wager any amount of their choice(not below minimum bet) up to the amount available on the poker table. To play poker online, This is one of the highly selected Hold’em.



In this, the player is allowed betting and raising limited the size fixed in advance. It is rare to see in tournament games, but still, it never lost its charm.


Pot Limit

To play poker online, how much a player can bet and raise completely depends on the existing pot size. This is one of the famous game types in Omaha.


Apart from this, if you are holding the dealer button, then you will be last to play.


It is already mentioned that the game starts from the left side. In the initial round or the Pre-flop round, two players have already completed their act, so the succeeding player gets the opportunity to act. The player can do any of the following:


FOLD: This means that the player is folding their cards and leaving the opportunity to get the pot.

CALL: The player is ready to bet with the amount perfectly to meet the existing bet size.

RAISE: In this, the player gets the choice to increase the wager amount to a maximum limit. It is possible in No-Limit games only.

If the foremost player chooses to fold then, chance moves to the next player.


When the next two players fold then, chance moves to the next player. When all the players fold then, your chance comes. In the final round, when just one player left in the game, then the player with the highest-ranking poker hand gets the pot.


Best Tips To Play Poker Online Games - Beginner


Newbies are more prone to commit mistakes while playing poker online. They need to learn many tactics and brush up on their skills. Here are some tips that are proving useful for beginners.

Avoid Using Too Many Poker Hands: This is one of the common mistakes that every beginner commits when they play poker online. It is highly recommended to use a few hands through the game. Beginners may find it attractive to use more poker hands, but it may not be fruitful for their winning.

Avoid Too Much Calling: beginners like to call more. It is quite simple to understand why beginners like it more. They do not have much knowledge of what is good for them in playing poker online. It is recommended for newbies to use betting rather than calling. Betting is considered more powerful than calling as it allows you to get pot without disclosing your cards.

Apart from this, A professional poker player tricks the beginner. Once he gets the good poker hand, he wagers the right amount as per the ability of a newbie player. So betting is the best choice even when you are completely new to it.

Never Let Yourself Down

It is true that playing poker online brings excitement, but it is also true that it has a demotivating side as well. There will be times when you will feel disappointed. Whether you are a professional or a newbie, it applies to all. Just a small mistake can make you lose the game, and this is what maintains the interest of players in the game. Suppose you have used the wrong poker hand then, It may force you out of the game. So it is necessary to maintain the same enthusiasm until the end of the game.

So, when you decide to play poker online, it is necessary to know its basics. One of the highly played games in the world, poker every core of yourself. Right from challenging your skills, improving your abilities to making you a champion, Poker offers you all. You can complete this dream to play poker online on the best gaming platform Poker Tempo.

So, stop waiting and start playing!