Poker Cards- Top 10 Surprising Facts

Some Astonishing Facts About Poker Cards Online:


Reaching on the peak or in trend these days, poker cards game is a game of skills. If you are a professional in playing poker, then a deck of 52 cards is the asset for you.

But have you noticed anything surprising about playing cards when you are not playing with them? I am sure! You have not. Did you ever think that why there are 52 cards in a deck and why only four suits are there?  If your answer is no, go through the following facts, and all your doubts will be gone.


Why Does A Deck Consist of 52 Cards? - Reason Behind It


A large number of people are indulged in playing poker cards these days. They play it using a deck of 52 cards. Maybe, you are one of them. But did you ever give it a thought that why there are only 52 cards in a deck?  I am pretty sure! You did not. So, let us understand! What is the reason behind it?

Over the 100s of years, poker players tried to play it with a deck of 24 to 48 cards, but a deck of 52 cards won the race. Players found a 52 cards deck the most suitable one. It became the normal deck size throughout the world. Usually, no one can tell you the exact reason, but British and French colonials liked it to play with a larger deck size of 52 cards.

Poker cards Represent A Close Link With Calendar.


One of the interesting facts behind 52 cards is that it is connected to total weeks in a year. Some people believe that the two colors Red and Black are linked to day and night, and the four suits symbolize all the seasons.

Now one suit consists of 13 cards, which relate to Lunar cycles, and 12 ranking cards link to the total number of months in a year.


Last but not least, if you sum up all the signs in a 52-cards deck, then the total will be 365, which are the number of days in the year.


Place Where Card First Invented Is Surprising


Do you know at which place poker cards first were invented? If your answer is yes, most probably, you are wrong. Give it another thought.

I am sure you know the same things that most other people know. But this is not the reality of playing cards. Deck of 52 cards came into existence in China, and most of the critics believe it.


Most people agree that the first-ever card was introduced in China. At that time, it was 32 cards deck, which are used to print on paper, bone, and log, etc. With time the playing cards gradually scattered throughout India and other countries like Europe and Egypt. Till this time, all the types of poker games came into existence.


Casino Cards Require Random Change


We know that now playing poker cards is online, but there was a time when it was more popular to play in Casinos. But have you ever thought how many times we need to change the deck of 52 cards if we play in a casino? You will be surprised to hear that most of the time, the card expires in 10 to 12 hours.


How soon a deck of cards will expire rely on how busy a table and the number of times the card needs to shuffle. It has been noticed that in a tight schedule, you may need a new pack every one or two hours.


Why do we need to change the cards?

If you use a card for a long time, there are chances that it can fold, scrapes, and may allow opponents to see your poker cards.


New York City Has The Earliest Deck Of 52 Cards


The most former deck of poker cards is in New York City’s famous museum of art. The museum has successfully restored the Netherlands hand-printed deck of the 15th century. Its condition is enough to tell you how players used to play with them. Later on, these cards were purchased by a collector for 2800 dollars in the 20th century.  He is the man who studied and looked for cards for about five years. At last, he sold them for 143000 dollars, which is surprisingly a huge amount.


Apart from the above cards, the deck belonging to other centuries is maintained at Yale University.  So, it is clear that Cards has a long history. One of the rarest and ancient cards involving the Mamluk pack of cards is restored at the Topkapi Museum, Istanbul.


Playing Cards Demands A Certain Level Of Safety


The casino remains full of evil minds, who always look for an opportunity to take advantage. Any safety issue can offer them a chance to win a big amount without making any serious efforts. It became necessary to ensure security steps for poker cards that stop the deception.


Security measures involve the installation of cameras and guards to check out deception. The camera allows the administrator to catch every fraudulent activity of all the poker players. Fresh deck requests sign off before shuffling it.


At last, when a deck expires, the card must be disposed of or vended off so that it does not use it in Casino again. This is the biggest threat to the confidentiality of the game and needs to take proper care of.


Card Consist Of Popular Figures


Have you ever played with French 52 poker cards that belong to the 16th century? If yes, then you might have noticed some similar figures printed on them. These cards show the strong influence of some popular characters from age-long history.


If you pay a sharp look at the cards, you will see King of Diamonds has Julius Caesar figure, while other cards like King of clubs consist of Alexander The Great picture, Jack of clubs has Lancelot lu picture, and so on.

If you haven’t noticed it yet, notice it next time when you play poker using french playing cards.


What You See May Not Be Reality Sometime


Do you know Poker cards are used as an asset in wartime by some countries? The finest example of this is the US government. The government finds a way how to use these cards as a secret weapon.

Example from the past. Getting partnered with a playing cards organization, the U.S government had come up with a pack of a confidential deck of cards for their prisoners at the time of World War II.


These cards were designed for helping prisoners of war. They used it as a secret map to escape from the enemy abduction. Must study about these interesting cards, you will surely enjoy the tales.

The U.S Topped The List Of Popular Cards


It is not the view of all players around the world, but yes, it is considered that the most popular Bicycle poker cards belong to the U.S. These cards are regarded as highly popular cards due to an interesting story hiding behind it. It is believed that in the past these Bicycle cards were used by the prisoners to come out of the enemy’s territory.

Apart from this, it is also said that during the Vietnam war, the American army used Ace of Spades from these cards to intimidate the valetudinary Vietnam army person.

Now, these tricks are used in Casinos and other entertainment shows.


Single Manufacturer Stand Out The Market


Whether you talk about casinos in the U.S or outside the U.S, famous poker cards company of the U.S spread its wonder throughout the world.

Do you know it is U.S popular company that introduced Aviator, Bicycle, and Bee brand cards?

Many companies tried to prove them as the biggest manufacturer, but no one stood well against USPCC (United States Poker Cards Company).


Plastic Poker Cards Are Used In Casino For Security Reasons


There is a significant change in poker cards from printed form to the plastic one. Plastic cards seem different and offer high durability than earlier cards. Apart from this, plastic cards made card handling easier than before. They take time to get complete scrap.


In terms of security, plastic playing cards are far better than printed cards as they prevent the players from the fraudulent activity of other players. It is not easy for them to make any changes to the plastic card.


Also, these cards can be reused, which was not possible in the case of paper cards.


Poker Cards Hand Rankings - Significant Factor Behind To Win


Amazing facts are on one side, and hand rankings on the other side are the most important thing that makes a player win the match. There are endless ways in which a person can play poker, but learning about hand rankings is the most important thing. In almost all the types of poker games, winning depends on the best five-card poker hand. Do you know about hand rankings to play poker cards? If not, here is the complete guide for hand rankings.


Royal Flush

This is considered the best poker hand after Five of a kind. A player achieves a Royal if his poker hands include Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 of the same suit. It is also known as the highest straight Flush. It is considered the highest if there is no wild card in the game.


Straight Flush

After Royal Flush, this poker hand serves excellence in the game. If a player gets all the cards in sequential rankings from the same suit, it forms a Straight Flush. For example, 5, 4,3,2, and 1 of Clubs is a Straight Flush, and Queen, Jack, 10,9, and 8 of Diamonds is also straight flush.  It is difficult for an opponent to win against this hand.


Four of a Kind

One of the popular poker hands, Four of a kind, consists of 4 poker cards of the same rankings and 1 of different rank from a different suit. It is the best hand after Straight Flush. For example, Queen(H), Queen(D), Queen(C), Queen(S), and 9(C) is Four of a kind poker hand.


Full House

It is an interesting combination that forms when a player gets three cards of the same rankings and two cards of similar ranks but different from the first three. For example, suppose you get a  combination K(H), K(D), K(C), Q(H), and Q(D), then You get a Full House.



When a player gets all the cards from the same suit irrespective of their ranking order, it is called a Flush. For example, King, Jack, 10,8, and 5 of Hearts are making a Flush.



Straight forms when a player gets a poker hand that consists of poker cards in sequential rankings but belongs to a different suit. For example, King(H), Queen(D), Jack(club), 10(H), and 9(S) are making a Straight.


Three of a Kind

As its name suggests, this poker hand consists of three cards of similar ranks and two cards of different ranks. For example Three of a Kind combination is formed when a player gets 5(H),5(D),5(C) ,4(H)and 6(D) or Queen(C), Queen(D), Queen(H),10(C) and 8(H).


Two Pairs

This is an amazing hand while playing poker cards. It forms when a player gets two pairs of the same ranking cards and one card of any rank. For example, if a player gets 4(H),4(D), 5(H),5(C), and J(H), then it is said that he got a two pairs combination. Similar to this is queen(H), Queen(C), King(D), King(S), and 4(H).


One Pair

This is somewhat similar to Two pairs, but it forms only one pair of similar rankings, and the other three cards will be of different rankings. For example, if a player comes up with a poker hand that consists of 9(H),9(D), 8(C),6(S),5(D), and any similar combination like this, then it will be one pair poker hand.


No Pair

This hand is also known as the High card, and it is the lowest ranking poker hand. When a player gets a poker hand that does not fall in any of the above categories, then it is said that he got a High card. If more than one player got it, then the Ace-high card decides the winner.



If you are new to poker and seeking knowledge about it, the above mentioned facts will really help you a lot. Also, these are just the top 10 facts about poker cards; then, you may find some more facts. It will help in making the game interesting for you. If you play this game for money, you may end your interest soon. On the other side if you will play for fun, then it will double up the thrill for you. Know best hand rankings in detail and search your own reason for joy in poker. So, stop waiting and take the benefit of a hub of winning deals at Poker Tempo. Start playing and leave the rest on us.