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One of the thrilling games online


One of the thrilling games online, Poker has gained recognition in the last few years. Looking poker games online in a trend, many new websites come into existence to provide a powerful and enthralling gaming experience to players. Attracting a major population of youth, the poker industry is getting fierce.  At Poker Tempo, we are determined to deliver our players an unforgettable and exciting gaming experience. We work to make your every experience as interesting as it was for the first time. We mean what we say is the statement that manages our team works.

Dominating the world of poker games online, Our fascinating tournaments are rocking the world. The reasons behind our success are: We provide exclusive offers, guaranteed prizes, and a chance to learn from experienced players.

Apart from guaranteed prize tournaments, We have a wide range of poker games. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, we have exciting deals to offer our every player. Here is the complete list of poker games online that we offer:

Games That We Offer!

Texas Hold’em


One of the high playing games in poker, Texas Hold’em is an important part of poker games online. Both for beginners and experienced, its simplicity is making it a great option to play online. In this game, players use two private cards to play against other players present on the table. Along with this, the dealer places five community cards on the table, and the player who gets the top rankings cards wins the match. To come up with these five best cards, every player uses seven cards(2 hole cards and 5 community cards) given to them.  At Poker Tempo, We offer a large number of freeroll tournaments! So, Don’t be so late that interesting deals slipped out of your hand. Just explore our website or download the application to find your interest. 

Omaha Poker


The second best poker game after Texas Hold’em, Omaha, is a great option to enter the poker world. To play Omaha, it uses four hole cards and five community cards. Rules to win Omaha poker games online are similar to Texas Hold’em, except it takes four hole cards rather than two to play. However, the difficulty factor of this game is that a player can create a five-card best hand only by using two private cards and three community cards.

Omaha Hi/Lo


Omaha Hi/Lo is also known as Omaha 8, and it is a unique game from the previous Omaha game. Betting limits and blinds are similar in this game, but rules to play and showdown is different in this poker game type. To bring the best five-card poker hand, the player uses two poker cards out of hole cards and three out of all community cards. The use of these combinations will either bring a high hand or a low hand.

5 Card Omaha


5 Card Omaha is one of the significant types of Omaha High. Being one of the exciting poker games online, Omaha high uses all five hole cards. Further, it takes five community cards to deal. In this game, the player aims to get the best five-card hand using three community cards and two private cards.

7 Card Stud


One of the classic poker games, 7 Card Stud, takes a long time to master. This game takes all 7 cards to come up at a combination of the best five-card hands. As its name suggests, the player uses seven cards throughout the game, and the best five-card poker hand decides the final winner. The winner also gets the decided reward that he or she can use in further poker games online. This game is different from Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker games as it comprises restricted betting.

7 Card Stud Hi/Lo


One of the variants of 7 Card Stud games and listed in the most played games, the 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo game, suits every player. In this game, at the time of the showdown, the usual best five-card hand and  Ace to Five hands divide the pot.

In Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo poker, every player bet using seven cards in all the rounds, but the combination of best five-card hands determines the actual winner. If you are not sure how rankings actually work in winning a game, go through our hand rankings guide first. This game uses the theory of eight or better, which means that you should have the worst low hand. Its low hand decides in a similar way to Omaha Hi/ Lo. If you do not have a low hand, the High hand decides the winner.



Also known as Seven Card Stud Low, Razz is one of those poker games online that use Ace to five poker hands to get the pot. Player deals using seven cards throughout the entire game and wins the pot by making Five card best hand. This game does not demand eight or better required to gain the pot.



One of the exciting and interesting poker games online, The HORSE is a mix of multiple games. This is a term used to describe different games’ names in short form.

  • Hold’em
  • Omaha Hi/Lo
  • Razz (Seven card stud low)
  • Seven Card Stud High
  • Eight-or-better (Seven-card Stud Hi/Lo)

It is a traditional game form played in Casinos earlier. When people got experience, they loved to play multiple games together rather than just one. This develops the player strength for more than one game. Most people realize that HORSE is the real test of player skills and abilities.

Why Should You Choose Us For Poker Games Online?


Thinking to play poker games online on random poker websites? It can put you in trouble. There are a large number of websites operating online, but they are not reliable enough. If you join any random website then, you are prone to giving your money into the wrong hands. As a beginner, the chances of doing so remains high. At Poker Tempo, we offer a secure, reliable, and customized poker experience to all players.  Right from powerful customer service, secure payment policy to encrypted data, we have a full-proof platform to play games online. Here are the reasons why we are best to play poker online.

Right Game Experience

Poker Tempo experienced teams ensure that every player should get equal value and the right gaming experience. All games and tournaments are designed in a way that they adhere to the policy of fair experience in any way. So, stop worrying and start playing for an unforgettable experience at Poker Tempo.


Reliable Software

Offering reliability to our every player is the foremost concern for us. This is the reason that we use the software developed by the latest technology. Every player data matters to us, and we leave no space for mistakes. We keep every information about our player confidential.

At Poker Tempo, we take responsibility to secure our players from any illegal hack.

Our software is powerful enough to offer security and maintain ease in payment and other transaction needs of players.


Real-Time Customer support

We believe that no website can excel in poker games online if they can not offer real-time customer support. At Poker Tempo, we ensure the on-time resolution of all customer queries. We believe in delivering our players an error-free experience always.

To execute this, our team of professionals(experienced in poker) offers guidance at every step. This further makes us able to solve all the queries in no time. We understand that every minute you spend on our website is precious, and in return, we try to give our best to you.


Authorized and Legal Gaming Platform

We know that a legal and authorized gaming platform matters a lot for the right poker games online experience. At Poker Tempo, We offer authorized and legal gaming services. Every penny you will win from our website comes to you after the deduction of necessary taxes that are paid to the government. It will stop all your trouble with our gaming platform.

Mistakes That Every Beginner Should Avoid In Poker Games Online

Committing mistakes is human nature, and poker is one of those games where mistakes are common. Indeed, the human is born to commit mistakes, but some mistakes in online poker games can put you in trouble. Beginners are more prone to these mistakes, which is not a good thing for their confidence. It may result in getting disappointed in their further games. If you are a beginner in poker, it is a must to know these mistakes that most of the newbies usually make.


Mistakes by beginners in poker


Playing Multiple Hands

This is one of the most common mistakes that attract newbies while playing poker games online, and they think that poker is the game of luck. In pursuit of getting fortunate, they play multiple hands. Most of the beginners play this game on the probability that they will win if one of their poker hands goes right. It is suggested that avoid using multiple hands even if you possess a High Card.


Gaming Out Of Limit

Most of the players join this game in a surge of winning interesting prizes and rewards. This is one of the biggest mistakes that they commit. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you should play this game for enjoyment and not for earning money. Running behind money can make you lose what you already have. In poker games online, most of the time, it is noticed that beginners play recklessly to win more money. They do not consider their bank limit and participate in high betting games. In too much hurry! They forget that big money brings more competition. So, never commit this mistake as a beginner. Consider your bankroll first and join games as per the limit.


Getting Influenced By Others

Win and lose are two important aspects of any game. There will be times in poker that you will have the worst beat. It tests your patience and control over every emotion. Do not lose your patience if you lose a big amount in any round and stay determined to your strategies. There are chances that the opponent will try to offend you by using an unethical tone. Avoid losing your mental balance in such a situation and stay focused till the game ends. Always remember it is not money, but it is the right mindset that makes you win.


Overlooking The Odds

It has seen that most of the beginners neglect to measure their probabilities to win. To win in poker games online, every player should measure their chance to win before betting. If you raise a high bet without considering your chance to win, you may end up in the game in an unfavorable situation.


Trying To Copy Experienced Players

Most of the beginners get fascinated by watching the moves of professional players in large events and try to copy their strategies. It is a big issue with newbies. Strategies used in such poker games online differ from situation to situation and professionals are completely familiar with them. So, stop copying a well-experienced player as you may have your own situation, odds, and bankroll.


Mostly Wagering on Suited Hands

Poker games online are full of mistakes that are mostly committed by beginners. This is also a big mistake that beginners are prone to commit. They find it attractive to bet on suited hands mostly, but it can make them lose their valuable money. Professionals always suggest that betting on suited hands are feasible only if they are of high rank or in pairs. Chances that the player will get a Flush in Flop is quite low(less than twelve percent), and betting in this situation will be a mistake. So, avoid the above mistakes and play wisely.



Playing Poker games online is the best way to create joy, thrill, challenges in your life. Right from testing your skills, improving mindset, opportunity to earn real money, Poker games online give you everything. Avoid all the mistakes mentioned above, continue playing, and become a winner!